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Potluck game night

Since we're meeting at 6 at April's... and this is right around dinnertime... let's make it a potluck!

Make sure whatever you bring is easy to eat without utensiles/sitting at the table since we'll probably eat while playing (yes?)

I'm bringing cupcakes...

What are you bringing?

ETA: Make sure you bring enough for ::counts:: six.

Board Game Night - This Saturday!

Okay ladies,

We had tossed around the idea of a Board Game night this Saturday evening. Do we still have some interest? What games were we thinking of playing? We could more than likely still have it at my house, but either one or both roommates should be moved in by then. Maybe they can join in the festivities!


Also Marlo, maybe we could kayak on Town Lake earlier in the day on Saturday?
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i SUCK (or, another request for a date change.)


hello kids...

do you think it would be possible to change the date OR time of the 11/11 board game night? i have a VERY important thing happening in the evening on the 11th, and missing it would be super sad. however, a commitment is a commitment, so if i must, i must. (and i want to do board game night SO badly!)

man...this is the second time i'm asking to do this, so i officially suck. but since this is my very last month here, things keep scheduling themselves over and around each other, and i'm getting behind! anyway, let me know if we could do the one of the alternative dates or times, below. if it's a problem for the host i'd host it at my house instead, if necessary. and if not, it's okay, of course. i'm just hoping we can work it out...

please comment. if you must comment on my suckiness, feel free to do that too.


Saturday 11/11 (ORIGINAL DATE) at 1 pm instead of 5 pm
Friday 11/10 at whatever time is convenient (6:30? 7?)
Friday 11/17 at whatever time is convenient.

let me know!

(and gudenna, i know you already commented, but what do you think about the suggestions?
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Veteran's Day Board Games!

We have selected Veteran's day, November 11th for our board game night. If it's okay with gudenna, who will be hosting this event, we'll start at around 5-ish on Saturday 11/11. I'm starting it a bit early because last BGN we started at 7 and nobody left until midnight! And I'm old and needs my beauty sleeps. So, we'll start at five.

If you haven't already put in a request to join the community, you should do so soon. Directions to April's will be members only. I can tell you that she lives in a great big old house in Hyde Park, and has no pets, so allergy sufferers, rejoice! She also has a big dry erase board so parlor games will be very fun.

Zebra Cake (aka Espresso Mascarpone cake) will be served and we shall be playing parlor games and Cranium.
Kat Eye

Board games, board games!

Who's up for a farewell Board Game night for the lovely missjmp?

Interested? Here's what I need to know:

1) What game you want to play
2) What weekends in November and times you are available
3) Can we use your house? (or gudenna, did you want to take this one?)

Post post! It'll be fun! We can also start with parlor games!

I'll make cake! Strike that. I'll make the killer awesome fluffiness that is the multi-tiered goodness of mascarpone espresso cake. You know the one. The zebra cake? Oh yeah. You know you want to...
Kat Eye

Inaugural Game Night!

Midterms? Soon to be over!
GMATs? Soon to be over!

Celebrate and come to boardgame night! Currently, we have four confirmed players: velokitty, dongrew, gorillapotter, and gudenna (10/16 @ 6:43AM)

We haven't settled on a time yet...that's what this entry is for!
Possible Dates/Times:

Saturday: October 21st @ 4pm or 7pm
Saturday: October 28th @ 4pm or 7pm

I have kitties and a house that isn't really mine...so possible locations for gaming are:
- Texpresso (in the Village Shopping center, near Alamo Drafthouse on Anderson near Burnet) - coffee shop where they *always* have Mah Jong games going in the back room.

I really don't have any other suggestions for location...volunteer your house or a better location and I'll add it to the list... Sue has volunteered her place on 30th & Guadalupe for this first game night if it's a small turnout (under 6), and April has volunteered for a future night.

Possible games to play (I don't have instructions up yet, I'll work on that, um later...hello midterms!) which you can see at boardgamegeek.com:

Settlers of Catan (3-4players or 5-6 players if I get the expansion pack for $12) I've got an entry above giving instructions and history... A "hex" is a tile used to create the "board" on which you play...it changes every time!)
Pirate's cove (3-5 players)
Ticket to Ride, Europe (2-5players)
Hunting Party (2-5 players)
Scrabble (2-4 players)
Mammoth Hunter (3-5 players)
Monopoly (2-8 players)
Ultimate Stratego (2 or 4 players)
Cranium (2-16 players)
Bridge (we'd all learn together!) (4 players)

I'll provide dessert, which will be assorted homemade cookies! So, vote for a day and a few games and we'll get this game rolling!
Kat Eye


I'm still setting up this community, but feel free to join. Our first game will most likely be this upcoming Saturday, but I'm not positive on that yet.

More details to come...feel free to join though to see what's new!
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