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Austin Board Games (& Dessert!) Club

no batteries required!

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Started by members of the austingeekgirls sports club in the fall of 2006, the Austin Board Games & Dessert Club has the simple goal of bringing together folks who enjoy board games (which, for our purposes, includes parlor games, card games and dominoes), especially those Euro-Games with a zillion parts and involved story lines. But we also have a special place in our hearts for "simpler" games like chess and Go.

The membership for this community is closed at this time. We currently have more members than we can support through normal gameplay. If you're looking for a group to play board games with, consider starting your own community, or visit the weekly Board Game Night at Great Hall Games.

Members, Please read our COMMUNITY RULES before posting to the journal, or our RULES FOR ATTENDING AN EVENT before coming to an event! (it's a game community! Of course there are rules!)


- All kinds of board game and strategy posts are welcome, but the community was originally developed around the goal of getting together to play. With this in mind...

- PLEASE FORWARD DATE ALL EVENTS TO THE DAY OF THE EVENT! In other words, if you are planning a game night on October 21st, and today is October 15th, please change the date on your entry to October 21st. Why? Well, first of all because then people can use the calendar to look for events by clicking on the day they're interested, and second because that means the most recent posting will always appear at the top of the community page, and won't be as likely to get lost among the shuffle of various discussions. Sope. Forward date! I am sad to say that I have since learned that you cannot post/forward-date entries in a community :( It was a brilliant plan, but fated for failure...*sigh* Oh well, post away!

- Please TAG all your entries with the following:
*If an event, number of players needed, written as: 4player, 2player (can have more than one) AND the game(s) to be played, AND what dessert will be provided (cake, pie, etc)
*If not an event, the game or genre (strategy, war, role playing, etc) of game you're discussing

- If posting an event, please provide a link to the directions entry for the particular game(s) you plan on playing. If there is no directions entry for that game (oh, goody! new games!) please either create a new entry for that games' rules, or link to an external site that has the rules. You can and should give a synopsis of the storyline and goals in your event entry, but link to the full directions so people can read them before they come to the event. (you'll find a list of links to the game rules entry below)

- Please be kind to your fellow game players on the board and in person. A little good natured ribbing is fine, but it's a board game people! Don't take it too seriously!

- Before attending an event, please READ THE RULES for the game you'll be playing. Oftentimes, the game rules are very abstract until you actually start playing, and we'll always have a copy of the rules available at the event -- BUT! -- explaining rules to people individually as they arrive, or even all at once, can take a significant amount of time out of the game play. So, read the rules before you come!

- Please say if you will be coming to the game night in a comment for that entry. If you say you will come, and then decide you cannot, please post that AGAIN in the community. Usually we need a minimum number of players for certain games and if we were expecting you and you cannot come, it may throw a wrench in the works for that game night and we'll need to provide an alternative game. Please be considerate!

- Please be on time (or close to it). Fifteen minutes late is cool, we're flexible, but if you're half an hour late or more, everyone will be waiting on you!

A list of rules as given by members, posted as entries. Please feel free to contribute a rules entry, and then contact the mod to have it added to the list!
- Stratego
- Ultimate Stratego
- Chess
- Checkers
- Go
- Mah Jong
- Pirate's Cove
- Ticket to Ride - Europe
- Settlers of Catan
- Mammoth Hunters

Check out the Yahoo Group for Austin Board Gamers

Visit one of our local board game shops:
Great Hall Games

Game nights at Great Hall:
FRIDAY -- General Boardgames, 6:30/7:00-Midnight
SATURDAY -- 8:00 PM Host Austin Boardgame Group, Noon-8:00

Dragon's Lair

Open Game Night @ Dragon's Lair is FRIDAY from 10 AM to midnight